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Our staff is responsive and knowledgeable and we want you to provide you with prompt answers or service and match you with the living spaces you need. Our application process includes employment/income verification, an application, and various background checks.


How to find our properties:

Any available property will be listed here on our website. However, our website is not the only place you will see our available properties. You can find us on places like move.com, apartments.com, and homes.com, to name a few.

Where you will not find us is on many of the social media sites, nor will we post our vacant listings on Craigslist.

Call Us Anytime

(540) 235-3100


How to apply for our properties:

The first step in applying for one of our properties is for us to verify your income. We will ask you to send a pay stub to viperntalproperties@gmail.com Once your income has been verified your leasing agent will make the application button available on our website.

If you do not have a social security number (non-US residents), you can enter 111-11-1111 where it is requested. You will later be prompted to upload a copy of your passport, visa, and I-20.

If you are a student you will need a guarantor to also submit an application. It will be the exact same application that you filled out, but at the beginning the guarantor will check the box that says”co-signer”.

Application fee

There is a $45 non-refundable application fee to submit your application. This fee covers the cost of rental history checks, criminal background screening and credit history verification.

Lease Signing

Once your application has been approved you will receive your lease shortly thereafter, no matter how long it is until your lease start date. The property you are applying for will continue to be advertised as available until we have a completely signed lease returned to us. All signatures are collected electronically.


All utilities that are the responsibility of the tenant must be in their name as of the start date of the lease.