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VIP Real Estate & Rental Properties is a one-stop shop for all your Real Estate needs. Not only can we provide a full complement of property management services, but every agent with us has at least 10+ years’ experience working with clients to buy and sell homes. Let us make the whole process simple for you.


All our owners have immediate access to our property management system to see what is always going on with their property. They can view all monthly statements and any invoices paid on their behalf via the owners’ portal.


With our property management software, we can get our owners’ homes in front of the maximum number of renters as possible with a click of a button. When we publish, our listings will appear on sites like,, and, to just name a few. We also hire a local web-hosting firm to manage our website to keep it up to date.


Before we even show a prospective tenant one of our owner’s properties, we verify income/employment first. If you wish to know more about how we qualify tenants, reach out to Terry, our Broker, and he will be glad to talk to about it. Once applications are submitted, we run a rental history and eviction check, a criminal background screening, and a credit check on all applicants.


VIP Rental Properties is currently working with five different maintenance teams throughout the New River Valley. This allows us to be able to dispatch a team usually within 24 hours to fix any problems that arise. We also have a 24/7 emergency call service in case it is needed.